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點子遊花園 愛上好風光

藝術家郭達麟及塑膠升級再造團隊GAAU1 UP在綠在東區舉辦了兩次工作坊,帶領東區街坊將回收塑膠材料及玻璃瓶改造成風力發光藝術作品;在「藝起點燈!作品亮燈派對」,參加者和一眾街坊親身下水,將這批作品置放於愛秩序灣公園的水景,讓它們隨風發光,成為環保裝置藝術《風光》。

Lead Designers: Dylan Kwok

Project Co-organisers: Art Promotion Office, LCSD (APO) and Hong Kong Public Space Initiative (HKPSI)

Community Partners: Eastern Community Green Station and GAAU1 UP

Wind Shines is a community-based light art project that echoes with the sea breeze of Hong Kong. Composed of nearly 200 wind-powered LED lights contained in glass bottles collected from the local community, the light art installation has been placed inside a pool in Aldrich Bay Park for 2 weeks, which became an extraordinary illumination feature for the park and its neighbourhood. Wind Shines is designed by Dylan Kwok and co-created by people who participated in a community art project “i Light Aldrich Bay” curated by HKPSI: workshops were held for students and residents in the neighbourhood to creatively transform recycled plastics and glass bottles into their own unique art pieces to compose the whole art installation. At the “Light Up Party”, all participants stepped inside the pool and placed their bottles of LED light to complete the installation. Blending the elements of green living and community art, Wind Shines is a collective effort among designers, upcycling specialists, and the Aldrich Bay community


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